Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday 31st of July Arrived at Cloncurry for an overnight here. We went out to the Local water supply and then did a bit of shopping to buy chickens before heading up to see Georgie at Wondoola cattle station tomorrow. Thought we would take in 6 chooks as they eat mainly beef at the station. At about 5pm we went down to the town again as it is a big weekend in Cloncurry "Curry Merry Muster Festival". They have the Rodeo and Mardi Gras. The Mardi Gras is a really a street procession which was very good for a town of only 3000 people. The picture below was Jenny's favorite. The bull was very placide.

Thursday 30/7/2009 Mt Isa: went on an above ground tour of Mt Isa Mine, now owned by a Sweedish company Xstrata. I want to know what the fools who run Australia are going to do when the whole lot is sold overseas. Boards, CEO's and government. Very interesting tour, we did not get out of the bus, however saw copper, Zinc and Silver being mined through to production. The Silver is extracted from the Zinc in Britain. Should be done here. However all the copper is produced in Mt Isa and Townsville. Photo is of one of the masive trucks that are mainly driven by younger ladies between the ages of 18 and 25. After the tour of the mine we went to visit the under ground hospital, however it is only opened between 10 and 2, so we took Cassidy to a new playground that the local council and xstrata built jointly with variety. Best playground that Cassidy, Jenny and I have ever seen, free to get into. It had many climbing frames and spinning wheels. A splash pad that if you stopped the water it would play music. Just great, the picture below gives you some idea. Some fat little kid said "this is getting old" the playground was only opended in June. spoilt little s--t. This is the play thing that Jenny didnt fall off of. Cassidy also did a little piano practice.
Wednesday 29th. MtIsa this was a relax and catch up day. I had the car service at the Nissan dealer. (20K Service) and Jenny had her hair done (coloured). Apart from that it was the first time in weeks that Cassidy had seen KFC, cold Rock Icecream and McDonalds. Went to KFC and cold rock. We went out to the Mt Isa water supply (Lake Moondarra), Mt Isa was the first place in two week where you didnt smell after having a shower. Water is that good I filled the tanks in the Caravan again.


  1. Hi, good to hear from you. Are Cheryl and Peter on their way home now? It's a long way to go for a playground, no matter how good it is!

  2. sounds like fun i hope you tryeed hard at piano cassidy but it looks like a fun way to practice

  3. Hi Cassidy
    That water piano looks like so much fun and the rest of the playground as well.
    I never knew you could have hospitals underground.
    I don't think I would get very close to that bull, it still looks frightening to me.
    Thanks for the phone call, it meant a lot to Angela to hear from you. She really misses you.

  4. Hi All!
    Great to hear you had your hair done Jen! Don't want to scare off the other travellers! Cassidy I am very jealous of you! That playground looks like great fun! Surely you asre missing the cold by now?!
    Take care

  5. Great blog! Very interested to hear about the underground hospital. I wonder if they have a maternity unit there or do women have to fly out to give birth as they do in other remote parts of Australia?
    Safe travels. Kath