Sunday, July 26, 2009

Got told off for not posting enough photos the following photo is Cassidy in the egg and spoon race at the Winton Camel races. For those interested Cassidy didnt win but she came third. . Cassidys partner was a little girl who was very careful like Cassidy. Below is a wall in Winton, it was built by a local called Arno who collected all of the bits included in the concrete wall from the local tip. All sorts of stuff including many motorbikes, video recorder and Televisions. He must have too much time on his hands. A must see in Winton.


  1. Greg, a wall like that would look great along the side of your shed. Post-modernism with a touch of conservation-mania!

  2. My bike...(scratching head)....I thought I left it around here somewhere.

  3. love the wall if you made one of those then cassidy and i could collect things to put on it. i will get started it can be your homecoming present
    just joking.

  4. That wall looks really interesting.
    I wonder how long it took that man to make it?
    I'm sure that you still had fun in the egg race even though you did not come first as it is not all about wining I always say.
    See you.
    Angela :)

  5. Well all sounds good, can't say last nights MM meeting was as good only 22 there, and very average, held in small room, but was dead. Rhonda's catering went well. All got home pretty early. Glad to see Cassidy is still do a little phys ed in her learning curriculum, weather there is sure better than here, keep up all the good news coming

  6. You need to keep telling us about your holiday