Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Saturday 1st August, travelled from Cloncurry to Wondoola Station, stopping on the way at the Burke and Wills roadhouse for lunch. When we arrived at Wondoola Georgie came out to meet us. As it was the weekend some of the station crew where away and the manager was at Cloncurry for the R0deo. The rest of the crew where in the Social club tiling the bar, which I might say looks a treat now it is tiled. The picture below shows the bar. Saturday evening the station put on a BBQ for all. We had many drinks and a fun night was had by all. Below is a picture of some of the crew around the fire.


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  2. Hi Cassidy
    That bar looks like it will be really good when it is finished. Looks like a good place to stop with lots of friendly people to meet.
    The BBQ & fire look like fun.