Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday 22/7/2009 Arrived in Longreach. On the way to Longreach we stopped at Ilfracombe and had a beer in the Wellshot pub. Very nice place many hats and money stuck on the ceiling of the hotel. As you enter Ilfracombe there is a machinery Mile with all old tractors, bulldozers and assorted other equipment. The attached picture is of the four adults taking Cassidy off, as she always seems to pose like this. Barcaldine was the stop before Ilfracombe, Barcaldine is the home to the tree of knowledge (which is now dead) however there is a very nice piece of Art built around the dead tree. The worlds largest wind chime (I think)

The photo above I am lying on the ground looking up into the monument. It is all timber. We also visited the Workers Heritage museum. All about worker and the Shearers stricker that basically started the Union movement in Australia.

Monday / Tuesday. Spent these two days in Blackall and basically had a chill out and spent a fair bit of time swimming in the Artesian Pool and SPA. Blackall was the home of home of Jack Howe the famous shearer who holds the hand shearing record.

Saturday Sunday in Charleville. Went out to the Cosmos centre where they have a three 15" Telescopes and let you view a number of star and star systems. Cost for the three of us was $48 for an hour, however it was worth it and the centre is a credit to the people of Charleville. After the Cosmos centre we went to the Save the Bilby centre. This is ran by volunters. Bilby's do actually exists and not just at Daryl Lee at easter. Two guys who work for the department of Nature resources in QLD have spent the past ten or so years creating awareness of the bilby's and setting up an area for them in the wild safe from ferrels. Previous night we had a camp fire dinner at the caravan park. Good meal, all of the oldies where in bed about 15 minutes after the meal had finished.

Friday crossed over into Queensland (no more long pants for Gregory)stayed over night in Cunnamulla, this was our first introduction to the Artesian water. The smell of sulphur (rotten egg gas) in the water was so strong that the girl would not even shower there. Peter and I didnt have a problem. Very tidy town and well worth a look.

Thursday Bourke. went for a ride on the paddle boat Jandra up and down the Darling river. Bourke is a very interesting town. Roller shutters on all of the shops and as Geoff said it all shuts up at 5.30pm. The caravan park here was wonderful. Kidman Camp and if you are passing this way, it is well worth stopping at. The next morning we checked out the Back O Bourke centre. Lots of reading, however interactive displays and videos as well. Ahead of its time.


  1. Well...Kath Andrews is onboard the Medwell train! Great to read your blogs. Lynda T told me at Church that you had a blogspot. Of course i couldn't remember the name of it tonight so searched via Google!
    What a wonderful trip you are having. Keep up the blogging. It's great. I'll look forward to reading your comments about places we went to 2 years ago on our road trip. Don't forget Undara, the Town of 1770 and Fraser Island to name but a few! Hot air ballooning was great over the Atherton tablelands too. So much to do. You won't want to come home! A chilly day here in downtown Lara. Enjoy the northern sunshine and warmth.
    Travel safely
    Love Kath

  2. Glad to see you are back in I/Net range! (We have been checking for updates two or three times a day.) We have had good rain overnight. How is the 'van performing? Love the first photo. Keep enjoying yourselves.

  3. The tree of knowledge is dead!?!...bloody bilbys!

  4. Love the photo gyes.
    Now who are you refering to when you say oldies?
    Have fun

  5. That wind chime looks huge from the photos.
    Nice posing, does Cassidy really do that. I've never heard of the tree of knowledge before thanks for keeping us educated.
    Keep the photos coming.