Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5 Spent an hour at the Cobar BOM site, very interesting checking all of the manual weather instruments with the meteorologist, The highlight of the morning was the release of the weather ballon at 9.15am. This ballon will rise to about 25km and will finally come back to ground about 100 to 200km away after transmitting it information back to the BOM head quarters in Sydney. Then it was off to Bourke. Stayed at a lovely caravan park called the Kidman camp. The road from Jerilderie to the Queensland boarder is called the Kidman way. The road in most parts is very good. Travelling conditions have been very good so far for towing a Caravan. In Bourke we went for a ride on the paddle boat PB Jandra. Day 5 we went to the Back O Bourke centre which depicts the history of Bourke and the Darling River. Then it was off to Cunnamulla. We where going to stay in Bourke two days, however we decided to leave Bourke after one night and break the trip to Charleville by staying in Cunnamulla over night. Tomorrow it is off to Charleville.

Cassidy at the Queensland boarder, tried to talk Cheryl into staying at Barringun however she said over her dead body.


  1. Is there anything at Barringun? Hope you find somewhere nice to stay 2 nights for a break soon. Louise

  2. Did you ask the BOM to send some proper rain down our way?...looks pretty dry at the border too.

  3. Wow already at the Queensland border, Thats pretty far up.What was so bad about staying on the border or was there nothing there?
    Looks like your having fun and doing lots.
    Hope to here more from you.

  4. That sounds cool.
    Are they predicting rain down this way.
    have fun in charlievill