Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday 25th Sunday 26th of July travelled from Longreach to Winton. Upon arrival we checked into the Winton Caravan Park. Weather was wonderful both days around 25 /28 degrees. Saturday we went to one of the four hotels in Winton, and then it was off to the Camel races. Jenny won back nearly what she out layed and I lost $30. Cassidy lost $2. Sunday it was breakfasts at the Medwell's camp where I cooked pancakes, then it was off for a drive around the local area. Off road no real need for 4 wheel drive. Lots of dust, I now need to work out how I can seal the rear of the Navara. On return to Winton we caught up with Les and Sandy. Then it was off to the pub for a couple of beers, and off to the RSL for chinese and a few more beers. Most of the clubs in NSW and QLD seem to have good chinese. The photo above is of one of the areas off of the 4WD track that we went on. To the right is a big drop off and some water at the bottom. It would be good to see in the wet.
I would like to welcome all those who are following our trip. To answer a couple of questions. All is going well with the new van. Bill the Navara is just as heavy on diesel towing as the petrol version was. Averaging around 14 miles to the gallon towing the van. Setting up the new van is only taking us about 10 minutes, then we are ready for a beer. Hi to Kath, Jenny has your hot spots already noted and we will try and get to them all. OJ the oldies are all the grey wanders that are out here on the road. Angela, Cassidy says hi.


  1. Hope your winch is ready to go!

  2. Hi Cassidy back at you.
    Missing you lots and school is miserable without you.
    That's good that you are having good weather up there, here personally is rain and coldness.
    Can't wait for more photos.
    Love Angela

  3. i cant just call you to see wether you can come round.
    mum and i have started a blog yay now i can tell you about whats been happening to mee.
    miss you oj

  4. Keep up the great blogging Jenny and Greg. I love a caravan road trip. I just keep wondering how we could fit another one into the Andrews Family schedule. It's a bit hard now we've hit the SHC education. Oh well only 14 1/2 years until Beth finishes Yr 12! Maybe your itenary of southern WA and SA might be one we could squeeze in. I'm certainly getting itchy feet. Our trip north to Teewah Beach and Byron will wet the appetite in September school holidays. Take care and travel safely, Kath
    PS Apology for you for this Wednesday's P&F meeting Jen!