Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2. Started off a little slow, went to the Shearoutback in Hay. Very interesting, attraction depicting the history of sheep and shearing in outback western NSW. This picture is of Cheryl, Cassidy, Jenny and Gregory in the door way of the shearing shed. This shearing shed is well over 100 years old. It was dismantled from an historic station in Swan Hill (Murray Downs)and reassembled at the shearoutback in Hay. Watched a shearing demonstration and had lunch. Went to see the Bishop Lodge which is a historic old house that was constructed for the first Anglican bishop of the Riverina. External walls are constructed from corrugrated iron and the walls are insulated with saw dust. The original paint is still on the corrugrated iron some 120 years later. The walls are protected by very large verandar. A must see if visiting Hay.

Day 3: Left Hay and headed for Cobar (430km) got away berfore 9 am, stopped at number of small towns on the way. Now on the Kidman way and the road from Goolgowi to Hillston very good. Along the road there appeared to be cotton, so we had to stop and check it out. If it wasn't cotton it sure felt like it. Heading between Hillston and Cobar road not quit as good and very few areas to pull off and have a break. When we finally pulled over only about 4 Vans, 4 Cattle road trains and 4 cars went by in 45 minutes. Arrived in Cobar at about 3.30pm it is amazing how quickly these Caravan parks fill up of a night and empty out of a morning.

Day 4 Had a look around Cobar, it has basically been raining all day. The Great Cobar Heritage centre well worth a look. History of mining Copper Zinc, and today Gold as well. Mining seems to be all under ground now with the entrance to the mine at the bottom of a reasonable size open cut. No where near as big as "the big pit".


  1. It sounds like you had a great day.
    when i saw the cotton i thought it looked like a dog.
    I hope you had good rain but that it diddnt interfeer in your day.
    by the way nice jacket Cassidy.

  2. Never heard of Cobar, but looking forward to lots of info about such places.

    Good pics, keep 'em coming! Good also to see Jen out of the Toilet!

  3. This is such a good way to document your trip and keep us all informed. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi looks like your having fun though I hope the rain didn't keep you from doing too much.
    Nice to see Jenny looking well.

    Cassidy we are really missing you here at school but nothing interesting is happening.

    Angela and Lynda

  5. Well Jenny looks well, we were a bit worried about her on your first day. Things look like they are going good. Basham is in all sorts of trouble heading north, Jeep waiting for a part from Syd some where in NSW. We Robo,Kelly, Board went to Terang last night had good time. Went to P.Lang's Inst on Wed in Melb. Without Lara there would have been a very small crowd. Stay safe, we enjoy your blog.