Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday 27th August

Kicking back now at Port Douglas after returning from Cape York. It was great getting to the Cape however I thought the road to Wiepa was bad, well it had nothing on the south By Pass road. On the way to the cape from Wiepa we caught up with the Mansfield family again and travelled with them all the way up to the Cape. The first night out from Wiepa we stopped at Elliott Falls, what a great place to stop and swim. The kids and I swam at both Twin Falls and Fruit Bat falls, The woman and Stuart swam at Twin Falls. The camping at Elliott (Twin) falls was free, no showers however the toilets where well maintained by the rangers. Picture shows the kids at Fruit bat falls and some fat guy. After Fruit bat and Elliott (Twin) Falls it was off to the Jardine River Ferry. These buggers earn more money than Doctors, we where on the ferry for 40 seconds (tops) each way and it cost $99 return. Then it was off to Bamaga, after driving around Bamaga and Seisa for about 10 minutes we decided to drive out to Punsand bay (they had a pool for the kids). We stayed there for three nights on one of these days we went to the tip. Stuart, Sam and I walked over the top and then around the beach back to the car park. Picture proves that the Medwell's have made it to the tip. On the third day we where at Punsand bay we took a trip to Thursday Island. The northern most part of Australia. Very interesting recent (World War two) history with a fort and all sort of other great things. The trip to Thursday Island was made even better as it was on the boat that I learnt that the mighty bulldogs had beaten those cats. Go dogs lets hope they can bet Collingwood (my tip for the flag). The first night on the way home from Punsand we stopped at Moreton Telegraph station, great camp and the night life (Frogs) where great. Rocket frogs everywhere and very small green frogs that live in a prosapine bush. The second night out we stayed at Musgrave, then it was off to Laura. The cultural centre in Laura was very good and the paintings at split rock worth the 30 minute walk. That evening we where back in Atherton and it was time to start cleaning up. It took Jenny and I a full day to wash clothes and clean the car. Red dust in every thing, the shit is still come out of things. The Navara has handled everything we have thrown at it with the exception of jack knifing the trailer draw bar into it whilst trying to park it at Elliott Falls. For all those animal and frog lovers the following picture is of a white lipped Green tree frog in the phone box at Punsand bay.


  1. Fantastic blog! It looks like it was windy at the tip too. We've been hit with gale force winds for a couple of days and it finally settled today. Amen to that. The blossom is coming off our trees.
    Jen will be loving the in caravan facilities now that you've got your van back.
    Enjoy Port Douglas and it's surrounding areas. Great spot. We spent 9 days there exploring the area. If you're going out to the reef, check the predicted knots!
    All go at St A's next week. Bay FM is broadcasting from 6-10am. Will be a hive of activities. I wonder who will be opening the gates at 5am? Not the Medwells!
    Goldsworthy interschool sports cancelled due to winds. Rescheduled for next week.
    School review this week.
    Launch of the new school website next Thursday.
    Crossing in at 6 ways and lights now flashing.
    My goodness...there will be so much for you to catch up on!

  2. Enjoy a few relaxing days though it would be hard to beat swimming at those falls! Where are the crocodile photos?

  3. Hi
    nice picture of a frog.
    it is good to know that you are standing at the north most point of the australian contenent.

  4. Well done on reaching the tip. That fat guy at the Falls was pretty white...a Mexican maybe???

  5. Hey Cassidy
    Nice picture of a frog, Is that banana leaf colour because it sure looks like it?
    Wow already at the tippy top that means that your fabulous journey is nearly finished.
    Can not wait to see you again when you come back.
    Have lots of fun where ever you are heading.
    Hope you have had a fabulous time.
    From and still missing you Angela.