Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday the 2nd

Sunday was a bit of a lay back day. Georgie took us for a trip around a very small part of the station. We where in the bus/truck for about two hours. We saw many many many cattle and the bird life around the water wholes was incredible. The above photos are of the bird life and the cattle. Sunday afternoon was pretty laid back, we had a little lunch and then played boule on the grassed area outside the social club. Sunday evening we had steak, vegetable, pancakes, strawberries and icecream. It was an early night as the station crew have a 6pm start. Jenny and Cassidy saw their first Green frog in the toilet and we saw many toads outside trying to find wet places. At one tap there was a huge toad and a green frog huddled together with a baby toad just beside them.


  1. Wow those birds look nice and pretty in the sky.
    Is it near night time in the picture what?
    Yay. Your first green frog.
    At that one tap where there was a toad, a frog and a baby toad, Are you suggesting that it was child to the frog or was just visiting a relative or something like it was related to the toad.?