Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday 4th September

Friday the 4th of September, travelled from Mission Beach to Ayr. Spent most of the day getting the screen replaced on the laptop. The guys at P3C in Townsville where very helpful, however in replacing the screen and the mother board they crack the boarder around the monitor which will need to be fixed when I get home. Jenny and Cassidy thought it was a waste of a day however we have covered another 300 kilometers in our travels. Happy birthday Andrew Elliott and Max Medwell. Thursdays the 3rd of September we went on a trip from Mission Beach out to Dunk Island and then onto Beaver Cay which is a tiny sand island about 29 kilometers from Mission beach out on the great barrier reef. What a great day, Jenny was a little sea sick going out but one of the ladies on the boat (catamaran) gave her a ginger drink on ice and suggested a better place on the boat to sit. Lucky for us she didnt throw up. When we arrived at Beaver Cay, Cassidy and I had already decided that we where going to snorkel from the boat to the island, Cassidy was a natural at snorkelling, I on the other hand have a problem and it is called facial hair which does not allow the face mask to seal so the water gets in. However it was great swimming with my daughter, we saw many reef fish, magical blue star fish. The brightest blue I have ever seen in nature. There where many parrot fish and one large Barracouta (nearly five feet long) which hang around to be feed each day. After lunch Cassidy went back in the water and the Barracouta swam within 30cm of her, right past her face. Also after lunch we went for a ride on the glass bottom boat which is left at the Cay and saw many other fish and some giant clams. Then it was back to Dunk Island and Mission beach.

Wednesday the 2nd of September: We where hoping to do a reef trip this day however they could not get enough people so we decide to go to Paronella Park and the Tully gorge. Jose Paronella built Paronella Park back in the 1930's what a visionary. He purchased 12 acres of land which has the most beautiful water fall and river running through it (fish and turtles are still abundant in the river, I have never seen so many turtles in the wild, the even have a colony of micro bats in a tunnel the Jose built), then he built many building based on a spanish theme (lots of concrete) and then planted the most beautiful gardens. The history of Paronella is varied and had it's ups and down, however the current owners purchased it in a run down state in 1993 and have lovingly restored and are continuing to restore it ( they have also had their set backs what with cyclones, flood etc our guide Matt we found out was one of the owners sons, who has lived there most of his life). Even to the point of restoring the 1930's hydro power station that Jose had the foresight to install. It was the first Hydro power station in far north Queensland, if you are ever up near Innisfail you must have a look. It is one of the top 100 things to do in Australia. After Paronella Park we went into Tully and then up the Tully gorge. The Tully gorge has many white water rafters on it. The Tully gorge runs all the time thanks to the Hydro station which is in the gorge. We still have not seen a Crocodile in the wild and let me tell you we are looking. I think someone must have shot them all. I might have to throw Jenny in a river and see if that brings one in. Tuesday the 1st of September, had a couple of nice walks on the beach and checked out Mission beach itself. We where staying at South Mission beach, the caravan park was only 50 meters from the water. Monday the 31st of August; Left Port Douglas and headed for Mission beach, went via cairns and did a little shopping and developed a number of photos at the same shop I purchased the Sony from last year. Sunday the 30th of August (mum's birthday) Cassidy and I went to Church at the Anglican church in Port Douglas, lovely service, church and people very friendly and the morning tea was very good. After church we went to the Caravan park, picked Jenny up and went to the beach markets in Port Douglas, then it was off to our favorite cafe where I had Chimechanga (for those who don't get the joke you need to watch repeats of two and a half men). Jenny and Cassidy had Barra and chips, then it was back to see if we could find Fluffy the Croc who supposedly lives in a river near the Port Douglas Big4 (bullshit) and back to the Park for a Swim. Saturday the 29th of August (my dads birthday (if he was alive he would have been 93) just for you Peter). It was off to Mossman and the gorge, however of course we had to go via the shops in Port Douglas as the girls wanted one or two things and ended up buying about 10. Mossman gorge is a great place to swim and it gets very busy, however it is only the Southerners that get in as the water temp is pretty cold this time of year about 24 degrees. The photo is of Cassidy and all around her which is not very clear in the photo are fish. Friday the 28th of August we went to the Habitat wild life park in Port Douglas. Well worth the money if you are in the area. Cost was around $110 for the three of us which included an all you could eat lunch which included Barra, Steak, soup and salad etc. great. During lunch one of the guide's Jose bought a bird around for people to have their photo taken with it and of course it shit on me. Jenny and Cassidy thought it was a great joke. Jenny and Cassidy also had their photo's taken with a small fresh water croc and a Olive python. Cassidy was (freaking out). Jenny was off her face. This park has the biggest Croc I have ever seen, he must have been about four and a half metres long. Habitat is a great place to see birds and other animal of northern Australia. The mating jabiru's being one of the many high lights. Friday was also the day we said goodbye to the Mansfields again. They are heading west and we sadly are now heading south.


  1. This sounds like a lovely dust-free time. Are you planning to see a sugar-cane processing plant on your way south? (Take a gas mask.) Jo-Anne has shown me a great method to get all your photos scrapbooked when you get back.

  2. PS Bill says good luck today for the football!!
    (Long time between drinks for Footscray.)

  3. Looks so lovely & lush. Fantastic to be able to swim out to that island.
    Is there many actual Queenslanders up there or do the tourists outnumber?

  4. it sounds like a tropical island there.
    you will have to get used to the change of climate because it cold down here.

  5. Glad you're back on the air. It's been a while. Well the memories are flooding back after reading your blog. We stayed at the same caravan parks at Port D and Mission Beach - great spots. We too didn't see the Port Douglas croc! We head of next Friday for our trip north. Camping on the beach at Teewah Beach Cooloola NP(accessed via Tewantin near Noosa) for 3 nights. Just us, friends, the beach the rainforest and mother nature. That's right Jen... no power or facilities! How will the family of 5 females cope? Shovel ready!
    Then down to Byron for a week. Can't wait to get some sunshine. Been cold this week although weekend is going to be 25!
    Tell Cassidy Miss Montalto get married this Saturday.
    Safe travels

  6. Hey Cassidy, good look with the parrot.
    I don't think I would be able to stand it if a Crocodile was too close to me(too close for a Crocodile is in eye distance.)
    It was good you had your photo taken with it all the same.