Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday 3rd August

The station crew where up early and with us camping beside the garage we where woken earlier with the sound of tyres being changed. After we had our own breakfast at a reasonable time 8am. Cassidy went in with the girls and sat in on some of the lessons that they do with the help of their governores and the course provided by the school of the air. Cassidy said it was very interesting. Jenny and I at the same time caught up with

Georgie and the crew for the last time over morning smoko. Above is a picture of the girl in the dinning room. Yes they where just about to go back to work. What a very happy crew they are at Wondoola. I would like to thank them for the warm welcome they extended to us. A big thanks to Karen. At about 11.30 we left Wondoola for Karumba on the way we stopped at Normanton and had lunch in the bakery. After the bakery we stopped and had a look at Kry which is a replica of the biggest crocodile even shoot. It was somewhere around 8.5 metres. Then it was off to Karumba for three nights. Not much to do at Karumba if you dont fish, however it is very relaxing.


  1. Never smile at a crocodile, don't be taken in by its welcome grin...and don't get in!

  2. cassidy you look very cozy in there.

  3. Mmmm.... I smell tasty lunch of girl. Yummy.
    Quick run Cassidy, run for your life away from that crocodile Kry.
    Who gives crocodiles a name, it's just creepy and freaky!