Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday 4th August

Tuesday and Wednesday spent in Karumba, we went to the Barramundi Discovery Centre. This centre is run by volunteers, they breed and then release many fingerlings into the gulf river and water systems. There are approximately 16 different types of Barra in Australia and the ones breed in Karumba are the Gulf Barramundi. The fish will only breed in this area and in salt water, however they will live in fresh water and many have been released in the water supply at MtIsa and Croydon as well as the guld rivers (which are salty). The above photo is of Jenny feeding one of the Barra at the breeding centre. They suck the fish right out of your hand. The fish I feed also covered me in salty water.
The caravaners at Karumba are unlike the ones we have meet everywhere else, they come here and stay for many months, not a couple of days like us. The people camped behind us Ivan and Aileen love fishing and have been here since early May, Tuesday we were just about to go and buy fish when they offered us a heap, all I had to do was clean them. Aileen showed me how to fillet them (Glenn I should have taken more notice wiuth all the fish you have filleted out on the bay) very easy and Aileen skinned them. We have enough fish for four days. Now most of which is in the freezer. We also went down to one of the many fish shops and bought some prawns, we eat these and fish for tea.
Wednesday is pretty quite had lunch at Ash's fish shop which is famous up here. We bought far too much and had to bring some home. After eating at Ash's it was off into town again to buy Barra and Prawns to take on the trip. Prawns $12 a kilo and Barra $18.50 a kilo. No one up here takes caltex card so it was the first time I had to buy diesel. Just to keep everyone informed the Navara is going really well and the caravan survived the 30 km in and 30 km out on the dirt road to Wondoola station. Covered all the vents with plastic and tape and kept most of the dust out. As you could image it is very dry up here, that's why they call it the "dry season".


  1. And so the adventure continues. How fantastic!
    By the way your hair colour looks great Jen!

  2. Wow. Feeding barramundi looks like heaps of fun. If we go up there I will remember to bring not good clothes so if I get splashed it wont matter to much.
    Mmm... Yay fish for dinner...again.
    No honestly fish is nice for every day of the week for every meal of the week.
    When you cleaned the fish from the people behind you did you get to gut it and cut the eye's of it? I have done so once with my dad and the eye's feel really, really weird.
    Ha. If dad's car tried to go on a long dirt road on a very hot day then it would shut down or something in those lines.
    Well I would to if I was a car and had to go driving all the time and it was hot, at least your caravan went well.