Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 17th September

Thursday the 17th of September. We have been on the Gold Coast now for a couple of days and have spent today having a look around Surfer Paradise and the shopping Centre. We went for a ride on the Mono rail which runs from Broad beach shopping centre to Jupiter Casino and luckily I was able to keep Jenny out of the Casino. We also had a walk around Pacific Fair shopping centre. This morning we went and had a look at the Wax Museum. They have many different people on display and down stairs a chamber of horrors.

Wednesday the 16th of September it was up early and off to Dream world. Cassidy and spent a lot of time waiting for rides and Jenny spent more time waiting for us. The only ride that Jenny went on for the day was the white water rapids ride, which Cassidy and I went on three times. We also went on the three different roller coasters at Dreamworld. The Runaway Repter (Nickelodeon, this was to warm Cassidy up) then after Lunch we waited 40 minutes for the Mike Doohan Motor Cycle roller coaster and then the Cyclone, on which I heard Cassidy say "Your dead meat dad". We went on other rides however the one's named where the best. The photo show Cassidy and I on the Mick Roller coaster we are on the second lot of bikes.

Tuesday the 15th of September, travelled from Maroochydore to Helensville, via Brisbane. Man are they doing some work on the road between just north of the Brisbane river to where the Gold Coast highway joins the Freeway. They are completely duplicating the Gateway Bridge.

Monday the 14th of September, what a big day, it was up early and off to Australia Zoo. What a great place. The Irwins have done a great good with this Zoo and the message they put across in everything they do (a message of conservation of all animal life). This I think was one of Jenny and Cassidy's favorite days. The picture is of them and a Wedge tail eagle. The also had their photo taken with an Iguana. Shown below.
Sunday 13th of September, Cassidy and I hired a Kayak and paddled around the Maroochydore river and after lunch went for a drive out to the big pineapple. Things sometime dont really change. The big pineapple is the same as I can remember it 30 years ago. The parfait's at the big pineapple where as good as they where 30 years ago. Jenny and Cassidy of course had chocolate and I had a Mango one. Just great.


  1. Kath and Greg we are in Surfers until next Tuesday morning then we are heading in land again. It is now getting too cold for us to spend too much time near the coast

  2. 27 degrees was looking pretty good to me!
    We leave tomorrow afternoon after school approx 3pm for a motel stop at Naranderra. THen Goondiwindi. Then Tewantin. Then Teewah beach. Then Byron. So looks like we'll see you back in good ol' Lara town!
    What a great trip you've had. Enjoy the last little bit.

  3. The last few days look like loads of fun. Enjoy the home stretch just as much as you've enjoyed the outbound legs.

  4. Hi Cassidy
    Those rides look awesome. My family is saving for a holiday in Queensland so we can go on the rides in the different worlds and see the Big Pineapple.
    Wow I have never seen a wedge tail eagle up close or an Iguana for that fact,you are so lucky.
    I hope you have enjoyed your time up and back to Cape York and in the Gold coast.
    See you next time. Angela