Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday 18th of September

Friday the 18th of September, well it was off to White water world" today, Cassidy and I had a ball riding on all of the water rides and Jenny just laid on one of the one thousand banana lounges in the Park. The first ride we went on was the Hydro Coaster then the Green room. The Photo below is of Cassidy and I coming out of the Green room. The Green room is a water ride that has a very steep drop and you end up being dumped into this giant funnel which you go from side to side and then out the end into a swallow pool. Great fun.


  1. The Kids seem to be enjoying the theme parks at the Gold Coast Jenny!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR MONDAY CASSIDY.

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday Cassidy. I hope you had a fantastic day. Imagine spending a whole day at the Gold coast for your Birthday, to me that is just weird as I have never done it before.
    When are you guys coming home.
    See you when I do. Angela