Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday 12th of September

Well how slack am I it has been over a week since I last updated the blog. Today was a kick back day in Maroochydore. Arrived here yesterday from Possum Park which is a very nice Caravan Park 20 kilometers out of Miles. Possum Park was a world war two ammunition's storage site which the government closed down in about 1956 and sold off every thing. The bunkers have been turned in accomodation. Great little park with heaps of character. Well today we just went shopping again. I dont know what it is with women and shopping but their whole life could more than likely be spent in shopping centres. Maroochydore is full of plenty of beautiful people, and we found some good coffee and that is coming from someone who prefers tea.
Friday the 11th of September spent most of the day in the car getting from Possum Park (Miles) to Maroochydore over 400K's. Some very interesting road and it is easy to see where most of the votes are in Queensland, the roads really improve the closer you get to the Sunshine Coast (I also assume Brisvegas and Surfers also) All caravan manufacturers should road test the vans on out back Queensland roads. They need lessons on how to build roads from the Victorians. The van however is still in one piece and the Navara is going well.
Thursday the 10th of September. Pulled out of Carnarvon Gorge heading for the coast. Nearly ran out of Diesel as I had not calculated correctly, having an empty jerry can which I should have filled in Rockhampton. Also with the great Queensland roads if you dont have the windows on the canopy locked they will eventually open, which they did coming down the Carnarvon development road. Also the fridge door came opened and the contents opened into the van (no great problems here) and thanks to a great truck drive who alerted us to one of the windows open on the van. Arrived at Possum Park caravan park (Miles). Louise/Bill thanks to another recomendation from the Caravaning book you gave me a birthday or two ago. This book has proved very helpful recomending a number of great parks and things not to miss on the way.

Wednesday the 9th of September. Hiked the Carnarvon Gorge, Cassidy and I made it to Wards Gorge (12.5+ Km) and Jenny had to pull out just before after climbing in and out of the Amphitheatre. What a great hike, nothing too strenious. I would like to go back in the wet and hike the whole gorge. Photo's are of the King Ferns and the Amphitheatre. Wards Canyon is one of the only places left in the world where King ferns still grow as it has a continuous supply of water all year round. Which the king fern needs to survive as the ferns are held up by the water in their stalk.

Tuesday the 8th of September. Travelled from Rockhampton to Carnarvon Gorge. Another day spent largely in the car on the great Queensland road system. We actually left Rockhampton around 11am as I had to get the front end of the Navara aligned. I would assume that it didnt like the 9,874,000 corrigations on the Cape York developement road. On the trip from Rockhampton to Carnarvon a highlight was the climb up to Mt Morgan an old mining town. The little 2.5 litre diesel did a great job pulling the caravan up the 5 plus kilometers of up hill winding road.

Monday the 7th of September. Left Airlie Beach for Rockhampton stopping at the Sarina mini sugar mill. This is a tourist attraction built by the Sarina shire to give the tourist an insight into the sugar industry. At the Sarina Sugarshack we saw a video about the Sugar industry and then one of the volunteers gave us a tour of the Sugar shack, crushing some sugar cane and showing us how they use the sugar juice (making things to sell to us). The tour guide of course was an ex school principle and gave us a great tour involving the kids and making them think.

Sunday the 6th of September (fathers day) after getting some lovely presents and my daughter cooking me breakfast, Cassidy and I went for a swim, and then for a ride on a go kart that the Park hires. We then went into Airlie Beach and had hogs breathe for lunch. This place has changed since the last time we where there. less lay back and more tourist focused.

Saturday the 5th of September. Left Ayr for I thought Rockhampton but on the way we called into the Bowen tourist centre where Jenny and Cassidy found a great caravan park in Airlie Beach. Not the cheapest park we have been in, however it was certainly the easiest to get in and out of. The spot we had allowed you to drive into your spot and after un hitching, then thru a common grassed area and park your car behind your van. When we left you just had to hook on again and drive out Great. Cassidy and I spent a lot of time in the Swimming pool and that evening went to see Bolt at their open air picture theatre. Photo is of Cassidy and I in the pool. Great pool with two water slides, the park also has a jumping pillow which Cassidy loved. I dont know if I really liked it that much.

Friday the 4th of September. Travelled from Mission beach to Ayr. Spent most of the day in Townsville getting the Laptop fixed.


  1. Memory lane again guys. We stayed at the same parks/camping grounds at Airlie Beach and Carnarvon Gorge. Great spots.
    Maybe we'll see you on the highway. When do you head south. We'll be in Tewantin next Sunday and then out to Teewah Beach on the Monday. Byron Bay from thurs 24th.
    Safe travels, Kath.

  2. Hi Cassidy.
    Those ferns are interesting enough.
    I forgot to tell you that Miss Montalto got married last Saturday.
    I remember when I went to a caravan park that had a jumping castle although Crystal and I could not usually find room on it so we got up at 7am and went swimming in the pool. We had it all to ourselves.
    Nothing like spending your whole day in the pool.
    See you when I next do Angela

  3. i think you had the time of your life on the jumping pillow greg sounds like you are getting good weather there.
    luv olivia